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February 27, 1:00PM EST – Register Below

Topic of Focus: Expectations of co-workers, peers and family members for a first responder attending and returning from treatment

Join Capt. Brad Shepherd (Ret.) and Ben Pearson, LCSW of Chateau Health & Wellness, for the second of a series of no-cost educational webinars offered by First Response Mental Health. 

Upcoming Webinars - Chateau Recovery<br />

Captain Brad Shepherd (Ret.) is the Director of Public Safety for Chateau Health & Wellness, a national First Responder residential treatment facility that treats Trauma, Suicide, PTSD, Substance Abuse, Depression & Anxiety. Brad retired after 25 years from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol as a Commander and served in a variety of assignments including SWAT, Emergency Services Unit & Peer Support Unit. Brad is the founder and former CEO / Executive Director of two separate nonprofit organizations that served in the first responder wellness community. As an experienced national presenter and instructor in a variety of disciplines, including ICISF Critical Incident Stress Management,  Brad has also faced his own challenges of stress, trauma, mental health, and alcoholism. This experience, gives Brad the passion to help others find the peace and joy they desire in their personal lives, their relationships, and their careers.

Ben Pearson, LCSW; is the Clinical Director for Chateau Recovery / Chateau Health & Wellness. Chateau Health & Wellness is the outward expression of The Chateau Experience offering training & prevention strategies for first responders. Ben provides clinical supervision, direction / training for all departments, develops the one-of-a-kind clinical client curriculum, facilitates individual and group clinical sessions, and facilitates the weekly in-house first responder support groups. Ben has been the clinical director for other treatment programs assisting in clinical interventions, group work, case management, sober housing placement, and helping clients build back their lives from nothing. Ben has presented at several regional and national professional conferences dedicated to addressing mental health issues, trauma, and addiction.