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Our proactive peer support program ensures all of your community members or employees have access to peer supports and are regularly checked-in on, ensuring no one falls through the cracks. When you commit to connect, you’re taking a proactive approach that enables your community to live healthier, more supported lives.
  • Member anonymity completely protected
  • Mechanism to manage Peer Support Programs
  • Direct communication to your members
  • Proactive and Reactive Peer Support
  • Share peer supports and resources with other organizations
  • Built-in Recruitment strategy
  • Works with your wellness program
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Why PeerConnect?

  • 90% less effort to coordinate Peer Support
  • Private and anonymous support for your members
  • Wellness workers freed to work on wellness initiatives
  • Peer Support at the touch of a button
  • Wellness resources and modules in your pocket
  • 24/7 Coverage – No one falls through the cracks
  • Reduce barriers to resources and mental health related stigma
  • Share wellness KPIs, metrics and engagement reports
  • Enhances CISM, EFAP, and other programs
  • Location based services
  • Decrease lost time, STD, LTD, OSI, and overtime


  • Proactive Peer Support – fully comprehensive process
  • Newsfeed – real time communication & engagement reports
  • Recruitment – engage potential candidates
  • Family Support – address needs of family of your members
  • Self-assessment – evidence based tools in your pocket
  • FAQs – lower anxiety barriers at point of resource interest
  • Support for retirees and those on leave
  • Mindfulness – modules specific to role and service
  • Wellness resources – PTSD/PTSI, depression, substance abuse, harm reduction and prevention

Proactive Peer Management Tool

Evidence Based Self-Assessment Tools

Custom iOS and Android app


Collaborative Resource Sharing

MeasureS: Live, Monthly, Quarterly

Proactive Peer Support pays for itself

Wellness programs are designed to help retain employees, increase engagement, reduce absenteeism, improve culture and overall member or employee happiness. With PeerConnect, ensure full coverage for all members. 


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Once depression is recognized, help can make a difference for 80% of people who are affected.

Employees who are happy are roughly 12% more productive.


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Employees who are happy are roughly 12% more productive.


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Replacing an employee costs employers roughly 33% of their annual salary.

Peer Support for High Stress Professions

Organizations are becoming more concerned with the mental health and well-being of their employees. Mental health wellness programs, including peer support programs, are a demonstrated, evidence-based way to provide this type of support. PeerConnect automates the distribution of peer support connections while fully protecting the members who utilize peer support. Organizations use PeerConnect for trusted connections and retrieving de-identified wellness program KPIs and metrics, and provides the best lateral support available for your members.


  • Increase organizational wellness and resilience
  • Use proactive connections to reduce mental health stigma and anxiety
  • Structured data for Metrics, KPIs, and reporting
  • Decrease barriers to connecting with peer supports
  • Strengthen the culture/commitment within your community
  • Increase communications with members
  • Newsfeed, communication, and resources
  • Increase organizational impact of wellness coordinators


Access to mental health resources, wellness programs, and peer support are critical components of many environments. Here are the sectors using PeerConnect.

Commit to Connect

Build your own version of PeerConnect and ensure 100% coverage of your members.

What leaders are saying

We’ve been searching for a program that would help us more easily connect our firefighters to their peer support teams, both internally and across our partner agencies. There is nothing we have found that provides the features and value that PeerConnect offers, and we are excited about the possibilities this app has opened for us in offering more support to our membership and communities.

Kristen Weppler
Peer Support and Wellness Coordinator
Ontario-based Fire Service

PeerConnect is the only program I have seen that will increase access to care and reduce the time and resources spent coordinating our Peer Support teams.

Dr. Heather Rose-Carlson

Clinical Psychologist
Police Department Peer Support Director

As a clinical researcher and trainer in the mental health space, I appreciate the importance and sustainability of First Response Mental Health’s program. Organizations who use the system and participate in the training will see an increase in helpful interactions and communication among their team members, leading to healthier and more supportive workplaces.

Jo-Ann Vis
Professor of Social Work
Lakehead University

First Response Mental Health has developed a revolutionary solution to helping improve employee mental health. Any organization with more than a handful of people should consider PeerConnect for improving company culture.

Brian Dunn Phd.
Oxford University

New Westminster Police Department
Essex-Windsor EMS
Grey County Paramedic Services
Duluth Police
Superior Police
Region of Durham Paramedics
Ornge Transport Medicine
Superior North EMS
City of Superior Fire
Nipissing-District Paramedic Services
Cochrane District EMS
West Grey Fire
Huron County Paramedic Services


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