Resources for first responders

What is the problem:

Mental health resources for first responders that fit their needs are hard to find. Individuals often feel lost about what information is credible and where to turn to for help. Navigating through the existing wealth of programs and resources can also prove to be overwhelming and difficult. 

Where do you come in:

Join contributors who are displaying their programs and resources. Help support those dedicated to serving and protecting our communities. Do you have courses dedicated to first responders? Add it to the contributor resource library

Wellness Resources

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What is our vision:

We are enabling users to find culturally competent resources and services with ease through the PeerConnect App. The PeerConnect App is free and already used by thousands of First Responders daily. This will allow you, as a content contributor, to grow your organizational awareness and make your resources for first responders easily accessible.

If you are a provider that has relevant education, experience or professional credentials, or a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the First Responder community, we hope you will become a content contributor.

Help support those who are dedicated to serving and protecting our communities with your content and services – wherever they are and whenever they need it.

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