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Topic: Understanding Trauma and Its Impact on First Responder Families

Date: July 29, 2024, 1-2PM EST
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Join Kathy Rolfe, registered Psychologist as she delves into the nature of trauma and its profound effects on first responders and their loved ones. This session will cover crucial topics such as coping mechanisms, self-care practices, and effective treatment strategies. Our aim is to provide valuable insights and practical tools not only for first responders but also for their spouses, children, and extended support networks.

This webinar will be facilitated by Kathy Rolfe, registered Psychologist. Kathy joined the military at the age of 17, spending her 18th birthday at boot camp. She remained in the military for 6.5 years while completing her Criminology degree at the University of Alberta. Kathy was then recruited by the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) as a Signals Officer at Headquarters and Signals at CFB Edmonton, she remained with the EPS for 20 years and has a lived understanding of the military and first responder culture. While working at the EPS, Kathy came to realize the significant need to support first responders and their mental health. She completed her Masters of Counselling in Counselling Psychology while working as a Sergeant with the EPS. Kathy left the EPS in 2019 to work in the psychology field full-time.


Past Webinar Recordings

Upcoming Webinars - Chateau Recovery<br />

While rewarding, working in peer support can lead to physical, emotional, and mental fatigue due to emotional labor and personal lived experiences. This presentation explores the realities of exhaustion and burnout among peer supporters, highlighting the importance of self-reflection for sustaining well-being. 

This workshop was facilitated by Hayley Peek, Mental Health Consultant, Speaker, and Peer Supporter. Leading from a place of living experience with mental illness, suicidality and recovery, Hayley aims to create safe spaces to discuss difficult topics pertaining to working in the field of Peer Support.

Watch the full webinar on Sustaining Well-being in Peer Support here: https://youtu.be/eKwhxqhm3jY?si=3sy8STNAmOoqwPPS

Upcoming Webinars - Chateau Recovery<br />

Captain Brad Shepherd (Ret.) the Director of Public Safety for Chateau Health & Wellness, a national First Responder residential treatment facility that treats Trauma, Suicide, PTSD, Substance Abuse, Depression & Anxiety is joined by Ben Pearson, LCSW; the Clinical Director for Chateau Recovery / Chateau Health & Wellness. 

Watch the full webinar here: https://youtu.be/eKwhxqhm3jY?si=3sy8STNAmOoqwPPS 

Building effective peer support program

Dr. Brooke Bartlett is a licensed clinical psychologist with specific expertise in trauma-, anxiety-, and stressor-related disorders and symptoms. I have trained at some of the nation’s most renowned institutions for PTSD and anxiety and am one of few psychologists with extensive experience and training in working with first responders and military personnel.

Watch Dr. Bartlett’s webinar on Proactive Peer Support here: https://youtu.be/eKwhxqhm3jY?si=3sy8STNAmOoqwPPS