Support the mental health and well-being of every individual in your organization with PeerConnect, a mobile app that gives each member of your organization access to peer support, wellness tools, self-assessment, mental health programming and resources – wherever they are and whenever they need it.

First Response Mental Health was founded by individuals who collaborated with first responder organizations to understand the intricacies and subtleties of the mental health landscape, the stressors that first responders are exposed to, and the support systems in place to protect and support them. The PeerConnect platform was launched by First Response Mental Health in 2019.

PeerConnect is the result of years of co-development and research with these front line first responders, health professionals, professionals in high-stress occupations, and researchers in the fields of psychology and social work. PeerConnect is the only pro-active peer support platform on the market, it has been field tested, and incorporates real-life learning and evidence-based feedback.

The Only Proactive Peer Support System on the Market

  • Proactive wellness programs ensure all first responders have regular peer support check-ins after every traumatic call, allowing for early discussions before issues compound.
  • Proactive peer support allows a colleague to reach out and say “I am here. You are not alone. I will walk with you.”
  • Scheduled proactive check-ins on difficult anniversary dates
  • Proactive check-ins normalize the idea of talking with the peer support team and reduce stigma around reaching out later on.

The Only Peer Support System Offering a Coactive Model

  • First responders can feel at ease seeking help from another department’s team through coactive peer support, which provides them with the necessary level of separation.
  • Cross-departmental peer support relationships strengthen the wellness program for all departments involved and give officers choices on who to reach out to.
  • Coactive peer support allows departments to share access to peer supports from other agencies when they don’t have enough internal resources.

Why PeerConnect?

  • 90% less effort to coordinate Peer Support
  • Private and anonymous support for your members
  • Wellness workers freed to work on wellness initiatives
  • Peer Support at the touch of a button
  • Wellness resources and modules in your pocket
  • 24/7 Coverage – No one falls through the cracks
  • Reduce barriers to resources and mental health related stigma
  • Share wellness KPIs, metrics and engagement reports
  • Enhances CISM, EFAP, and other programs
  • Location based services
  • Decrease lost time, STD, LTD, OSI, and overtime


  • Proactive Peer Support – fully comprehensive process
  • Newsfeed – real time communication & engagement reports
  • Recruitment – engage potential candidates
  • Family Support – address needs of family of your members
  • Self-assessment – evidence based tools in your pocket
  • FAQs – lower anxiety barriers at point of resource interest
  • Support for retirees and those on leave
  • Mindfulness – modules specific to role and service
  • Wellness resources – PTSD/PTSI, depression, substance abuse, harm reduction and prevention


With PeerConnect, members can access their own curated peer team in a safe, secure and anonymous way.

Custom Features

The app features a newsfeed, services, library, events and FAQs for your organization, a self-assessment area an most importantly: the proactive and reactive Peer Support request and management component.

Support Your Peers

Access to a support group of other wellness coordinators to share resources, stories. and best practices. Feel confident and supported in the decisions you make as a coordinator/administrator.

How PeerConnect Works


Set your preferred contact method and select which trained peer supports proactively support you.

FRMH Request Contact

Request contact feature to instantly notify your peer support team when you need support.

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Access to mental health resources, wellness programs, and peer support are critical components of many environments. Here are the sectors using PeerConnect.

Commit to Connect

Give First Responders the support they need.

What Leaders are Saying

We’ve been searching for a program that would help us more easily connect our firefighters to their peer support teams, both internally and across our partner agencies. There is nothing we have found that provides the features and value that PeerConnect offers, and we are excited about the possibilities this app has opened for us in offering more support to our membership and communities.

Kristen Weppler
Peer Support and Wellness Coordinator
Ontario-based Fire Service

PeerConnect is the only program I have seen that will increase access to care and reduce the time and resources spent coordinating our Peer Support teams.

Dr. Heather Rose-Carlson

Clinical Psychologist
Police Department Peer Support Director

As a clinical researcher and trainer in the mental health space, I appreciate the importance and sustainability of First Response Mental Health's program. Organizations who use the system and participate in the training will see an increase in helpful interactions and communication among their team members, leading to healthier and more supportive workplaces.

Jo-Ann Vis
Professor of Social Work
Lakehead University

First Response Mental Health has developed a revolutionary solution to helping improve employee mental health. Any organization with more than a handful of people should consider PeerConnect for improving company culture.

Brian Dunn Phd.
Oxford University

PeerConnect not only helps our school system, but our entire community of family members and support staff. We’re excited to be implementing this product at Matawa.

Brad Battiston
Matawa First Nations Learning Centre



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