First Responder Wellness Podcast

Hosted by Conrad Weaver (PTSD911 Movie)

How can you ensure that your peer support team is not only effective but also actively contributing to its intended purpose?

Join us in this episode as we delve into a solution crafted by a dynamic Canadian company that addresses this exact challenge. Our guest, Nik Fiorito, Chief Strategy Officer of the company, shares insights into the development and management of PeerConnect. 

The Overwatch Collective Podcast

Hosted by The Overwatch Collective

Peer Connect is a pro-active peer support platform with real life learning, evidence based feedback, regular check ins after every trauma call, and check ins throughout tough dates such as anniversaries. 

Co-active Model through Peer Connect allows cross department training, which allows a first responder to reach out to another peer outside of their own department whom they may not know. 

Real Cops Reel Life

Hosted by Real Cops, Reel Life this channel is dedicated to those that serve, or aspiring to serve in a first responder type of lifestyle.

In this video, we chat about all things related to the health of our First Responders. Nik’s wife is a 911 dispatcher, and as a First Responder Family, we open up dialogue about all the great things they’re doing for the well being of our First Responder Families out there.

No One Fights Alone Podcast

Hosted by No One Fights Alone Podcast

PeerConnect is the result of years of co-development and research with these front line first responders, health professionals, professionals in high-stress occupations, and researchers in the fields of psychology and social work. 

PeerConnect has been field tested, and incorporates real-life learning and evidence-based feedback from users, supervisors, administrators and researchers.

Enduring the Badge Podcast

Hosted by Jerry Lund, Enduring the Badge Podcast ​​

First responders play a critical role in keeping our communities safe. However, the stress and trauma of the job can take a toll on their mental health.

Peer support and mental health professionals play a critical role in supporting first responders and addressing the stigma and shame associated with seeking help.


Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Launches Wellness App for First Responders
The Courier

Talking about the challenges we face is not something to be ashamed of, but rather a proactive measure to better health for all our members.’ – Lieutenant Jason Davis
Sierra Sun

The Charleston Fire Department is hoping to pilot a new app to expand mental health resources for its firefighters.
WCSC – Live at Five News

A two-year pilot program was created to bring a new mental health resource to the Charleston Fire Department.

“If you’re struggling with retention, if your first responders aren’t doing well themselves, then it’s going to be difficult to keep peace responding to fires,” said Nik Fiorito.
ABC 4 News

PeerConnect APP providing First Responders with Mental Health Support
BlueLine – PeerConnect App

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