We have developed a peer support program and have no lack of willingness, heart or dedication from our members. What we are lacking is a management system to organize our team. I wish we would have seen it two years ago. I am so excited for this system. Kudos to your team for building this. I am so grateful.

David Kerr

Public Safety Director, Lexington County SC

What will my success look like?

  • Revitalized workforce leading to a more cohesive team
  • More effective communication and dialogue throughout your entire organization
  • Healthier culture reinforced by a sense of trust and support among members at every level, from volunteers to front-line workers to staff executives
Fire Chiefs have the best of intentions when it comes to supporting the firefighters and administrators they oversee, but aren’t sure where to begin implementing a workplace wellness program, or if their current efforts are doing the job.
PeerConnect provides your team with a secure place to request contact from a peer support worker, and allows wellness coordinators to ensure the needs of their members are managed and cared for.


Mental Disorder Symptoms

Mental disorders amongst first respondents in emergency services found a 15.1% occurrence rate of a single symptom.


3 times the average person

Firefighters screen positive for symptoms at a rate of 34.1 per cent, three times the rate for the general public


Multiple Symptoms

Mental disorders amongst first respondents in emergency services found a 26.7% occurrence rate of a multiple symptoms.

Commit to Connect

Give First Responders the support they need.

What Leaders are Saying

We’ve been searching for a program that would help us more easily connect our firefighters to their peer support teams, both internally and across our partner agencies. There is nothing we have found that provides the features and value that PeerConnect offers, and we are excited about the possibilities this app has opened for us in offering more support to our membership and communities.

Kristen Weppler
Peer Support and Wellness Coordinator
Ontario-based Fire Service

PeerConnect is the only program I have seen that will increase access to care and reduce the time and resources spent coordinating our Peer Support teams.

Dr. Heather Rose-Carlson

Clinical Psychologist
Police Department Peer Support Director

As a clinical researcher and trainer in the mental health space, I appreciate the importance and sustainability of First Response Mental Health's program. Organizations who use the system and participate in the training will see an increase in helpful interactions and communication among their team members, leading to healthier and more supportive workplaces.

Jo-Ann Vis
Professor of Social Work
Lakehead University

First Response Mental Health has developed a revolutionary solution to helping improve employee mental health. Any organization with more than a handful of people should consider PeerConnect for improving company culture.

Brian Dunn Phd.
Oxford University

PeerConnect not only helps our school system, but our entire community of family members and support staff. We’re excited to be implementing this product at Matawa.

Brad Battiston
Matawa First Nations Learning Centre



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