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Wounded Warriors Canada partners with First Response Mental Health to offer resiliency and peer support training for first responders through the PeerConnect app.

First Response Mental Health (FRMH) and Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC) have partnered together to provide training to first responders across Canada, equipping them with resiliency, wellness, mental health and peer support training. As FRMH’s national training partner, much of WWC’s existing and future resources will be available exclusively through the PeerConnect app, which is already sitting in the hands and pockets of tens of thousands of Canadian first responders. This will provide further benefit to the many police, fire, ems, corrections, and other frontline personnel  who already have access to the mental health supports that PeerConnect offers.

PeerConnect offers access to mental health resources, wellness tools and internal and external peer support, while respecting the user’s preferences, privacy, and anonymity. 

​​For our team at Wounded Warriors Canada, partnerships make our mental health programs possible.” says Scott Maxwell, Executive Director of Wounded Warriors Canada. “Our partnership with First Response Mental Health is breaking down barriers for members wanting to access culturally appropriate mental health care while reducing stigma for those who serve. We look forward to the life-changing impact the PeerConnect app will have in the lives of our injured First Responders and their families.”

“Given the complexities of operational stress injuries, we know that no single organization can provide the 100% solution when it comes to the mental health and wellness needs of its members and their families,” Dana Alexander of FRMH says, “First Response Mental health is proud to support the health and wellness of first responders and takes pride in knowing that PeerConnect is helping to build resiliency and a strong support system among people who are  regularly exposed to traumatic events as a result of their employment. We are grateful to have found a partner in  Wounded Warriors Canada that  aligns so closely with our core values, and we are delighted to be able to offer their nationally-recognized training, resources and tools to a sector that needs it so desperately,”.

FRMH will continue to advocate for the mental health of all first responders, and is grateful for the work of the Wounded Warriors Canada team, led by Executive Director Scott Maxwell, to make this partnership a reality. Together these organizations will ensure that our nation’s frontline workers have the tools they need to thrive both at work and at home, and that no member is left without support.

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