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Introduction to Self-Care Zone

Welcome to the Self-Care Zone app – your one stop location to access healthy living suggestions and build a self-care plan for your everyday life! This app features a wealth of tools to help your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. A group of passionate people who value your health and wellness have provided the initial content for Self-Care Zone including resources and healthy habits. We encourage you to join the self care team by using the “Submit an Idea” section to share useful articles, healthy habits, and ideas that will continue to expand Self-Care Zone Zone. So browse around, set daily or weekly reminders for yourself on any of the content or routines, and enjoy the Self-Care Zone app!


Self-Care Zone is here to provide you with information and ways to incorporate healthy living into your: physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. You will find information and practices on countless topics such as reducing stress, building healthy relationships, benefits of gratitude, nutritious recipes, coping with anxiety, and so much more. This app is here to be a resource that guides you towards integrating a self care routine that is right for you and works for your life.

Self-Care Zone provides you with everything you need to start building your self care routine! A lot of the time we overlook taking care of ourselves and a self care routine helps you build effective coping skills that can help you better manage stress, trauma, anxiety, and burnout. You will find information and healthy habits to help better your physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Using the app you can build a self-care routine that is right for you – self care is meant to refuel yourself to improve your mood and is not something you force yourself to do. As you build your self care routine you can make it reflect what you like and what is manageable for you. Start off by exploring the modules and discovering the content available to you. You have the ability to save and like articles, resources, and events, you can use the Healthy Habits and Reminders modules to create your personalized self care routine by exploring or adding items to your reminders. By creating your own routine you will make it easy to incorporate self care practices into your everyday life – automatic reminders will keep you on track so you won’t forget!


Users can stay in the loop with Self-Care Zone by checking in on the newsfeed. Articles posted to the newsfeed may include (but not limit to) activities, mental health articles, tips and tricks, etc.


Users will receive a new quote every day at the top the newsfeed.

Disable Quotes

Quotes can be hidden from your account by tapping on the ellipsis (dots) in the top right corner of a quote on the newsfeed and select the hide option.

Re-enable Quotes

To reactivate the quotes, the user will have to delete the app (and it’s data) and reinstall. Rest assured, reminders and saved items will still be saved to your account when you re-login after reinstalling.


Adding a Reminder

Users can add reminders on Self-Care activities by clicking on the bell icon in the Self-Care section. This will prompt the occurrence of the activity should the user wish to repeat a reminder for an activity, daily, weekly, monthly etc. All reminders will populate to the Reminders section.


Some users may want to set a reminder manually for something that is outside of the Self-Care Zone (not linked to an Self-Care activity). Users can do so by using the plus icon ( + ) beside the Reminders Search bar, and define a title, occurrence, and notes associated with the reminder.

Removing a Reminder

Users can remove a reminder by selecting tapping one of the Reminders, then tap Bell and select the Remove button. If there are repeat occurrences of this reminder, a prompt will appear confirming the removal of this single reminder or all of the future occurrences of this reminder. 


Users can lookup resources from special interests groups, support services, mental health services, and so much more. Users can query content using the filter button in the search bar to tailor their lists. Items can be saved for recalling at a later time as well! 


Members can stay up to date with current events by viewing the Events section. Members can set a reminder that appears in your reminders section which then populates their reminder section.

Activity Survey

The Activity Survey is used to recommend one or more of the four pillar areas of Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual that you may wish to begin focusing on based on your Survey results. Currently the Survey can only be taken one time per quarter. The answers you submit in the Activity Survey are anonymous. The Self Care Zone app uses them to promote and score relevant activities to you, however your results do not at all limit which content you can see within the app.


AudioBooks list a collection of books, audiobooks and podcasts suitable for mental health support, correctional officers, and first responders. Users can play the sample of the book and can link where they can download/subscribe/purchase the audio book.  


Reflections was inspired by the concept of a gratitude blog. Participating users will be reminded to periodically take a picture and look at it for 12 seconds. The top of the section will explain the vision for the section and the user an opportunity to take a picture. Previously taken pictures will be listed below this section with the newest one at the top. Users can hover over or tap the image to find a remove button.

Add Reflections

Use the add Reflection button to add images from your local device or a photo from your camera. 

Remove Reflections

Tap on the ellipsis (dots) in the top right corner of an image to bring up a prompt to remove the image.


Give Self-Care Zone feedback about your experience with the Self-Care Zone app. The more details the better. Please do not use any personal information. User submitted feedback is anonymous and not linked to your account.

Accessing the App

Users can access the app from the website at or the respective app stores.

Self-Care Zone on Apple AppStore

Self-Care Zone on Google Play Store

Password Reset

Users can reset their password from the login screen here.

Change Password 

Users that are logged in can change their password from the Edit Profile section. A prompt will be sent to your account’s email. 



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