It’s been just over four years of PeerConnect. Four years since Superior North EMS approached us to help them. Their peer support coordinator was overwhelmed with the task of managing and tracking peer support connections, as well as ensuring all employees had access to up-to-date resources at all times.

‘As a department, we had suffered significant setbacks due to loss of staff to mental health-related issues, and were seeking to revamp the way our wellness and peer team programming functioned. In particular, we wanted to focus on being proactive, but lacked the processes and tools to achieve this. The PeerConnect platform met those challenges and exceeded them,’ said Jonathan Woodbeck, Superior North EMS

Since our beginning, PeerConnect has grown in ways we only hoped. Currently in Ontario, 33 of the 60 EMS organizations are utilizing the platform. PeerConnect is also part of three statewide projects and supporting organizations both in Canada and the US.

PeerConnect offers 24/7 proactive peer support and regular check-ins, ensuring no member falls through the cracks. With highly customizable resources, each member can access the support they need with ease, trust and anonymity.

Trust and stigma is often an issue with any Mental health situation. Our unique process allows Users to create their own personal support team with the choice of who they feel comfortable connecting with well before any trauma occurs. The goal is to ensure that no employee has to face difficult times alone,’ said Kevin Kuchta, CEO First Response Mental Health.

The PeerConnect system represents a step forward in the way that organizations respond to traumatic events and support their employees through scheduled check-ins based on the type of traumatic event, recommended check-ins after specific incidents and self-initiated check-ins.

‘The majority of our members would never reach out, and if they do it is often late and they have been struggling alone for years. Using PeerConnect, we have full coverage of our staff ensuring they are engaging with their trusted support teams. We are proud to provide this process that gets our members support while maintaining their privacy,’ said Woodbeck

With the ability to expand opportunities for resource sharing and support teams across different departments and cities, PeerConnect is poised to become the go-to solution for organizations seeking to prioritize the mental well-being of their employees.

If your department is seeking a truly proactive peer support tool, it’s time to reach out and book your demo today.