Supporting your staff after an incident is key to helping first responders normalize responses to an event and optimize recovery. Read below to learn how pro-active peer support can support your organization.

People have been using reactive peer support for years, and when paired with a proactive model, it becomes an effective way to support members. A proactive model, focuses on prevention with tools and strategies, such as our wellness app PeerConnect, which offers proactive check-ins. This can overlap with early intervention, which can target scenarios before they result in a more serious situation.

Scheduled, proactive conversations help capture those who do not actively seek support, and normalizes mental health conversations, leading to reduced stigma. Recommended check-ins after specific incidents, pro-active check-ins on difficult anniversary events and scheduled check-ins based on the type of traumatic event represents a step forward in the way that organizations respond to and support their employees and are all part of PeerConnect.

More about PeerConnect’s Pro-Active Peer Support

PeerConnect is a one-of-a-kind peer support management app that ensures member privacy, security of information, and organizational controlled permissions. It is the only peer support tool of its kind that offers pro-active check-ins. 

  • PeerConnect is not a chat app. All peer support conversations take place using an individual’s preferred method of contact.
  • Individual users select their preferred method of contact and this information is only available to the peer support that commits to a request for support.
  • Individual users have the ability to choose who is on their custom peer support team. Only the peers chosen will see requests for support.

After each peer support interaction, peer supports must fill out a brief questionnaire called a Connection Form. The system compiles answers into statistics and removes identity information so that answers will not be traced to members.

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