Supporting their members is number one goal with PeerConnect

For most organizations, budgets are always tight for peer support teams. Since implementation, PeerConnect is making it easier for Essex-Windsor EMS to support their members in a way that is cost-effective and efficient. 

Essex-Windsor EMS discovered the PeerConnect solution at the Association of Paramedic Chiefs conference in 2019. At the time, they were looking for a way to make member notifications and data collection easier. 

‘It has been invaluable for the team as a whole. Taking the labor out of assigning calls to the team leads or coordinators and reminding peers of the resources available to them through the app,’ said Mechelle Murphy, District Chief, Operations for Essex-Windsor EMS. 

PeerConnect is making it easier for Essex-Windsor EMS

‘The greatest benefit for us has been the ease at which peers can be placed in the app. Equally important is the ease of commitment by our team members to each of those peers needing support. It is also very easy to pull stats from the app,’ added Murphy. 

As the District Chief, Murphy is the frontline supervisor for frontline staff. Additionally, as one of the Peer Support Team Coordinators Murphy keeps the team engaged and up to date on changes, or the process for supporting their peers. 

‘Prior to PeerConnect, implementation for our service was extremely labor intensive for the team leads, and the team itself to assign calls etc. We were rotating each lead through the team to ease the amount of work for each individual,’ said Murphy. ‘Our team is 100% voluntary, so we try to make it as smooth and non-labour intensive as possible. PeerConnect has been amazing for reducing the work involved in supporting our peers.’ 

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